The Alliance For Freedom, alternatively known as the Rebellion Against the CSS, is a temporary military alliance established by former members of the Confederation of Socialist States, with the purpose of coordinating a rebellion against the Soviet Socialist Republic for the nation's hegemonic rule over the CSS. Many nations from outside the CSS also participated in this conflict, lending their support for the fulfillment of the Alliance's primary goal: To prevent the former high command of the SSR from ever coming to power and exerting their terrible influence against other nations on Paradigm once more.

Current MembershipEdit

- Buddhist Communist Party (Founder)

- Islamic State (Founder)

- United Empire of Solvada (Major Supporter)

- Zaporizhia (Major Supporter)

- People's Revived and Expanded Socialist Arab Republic (Major Supporter)

- Rhodesia (Minor Supporter)

- Jordania (Minor Supporter)

- Egypt (Non-Participant Supporter)

- Thule (Non-Participant Supporter)