'Araexit' was the term for the People's Social Arab Republic officially resigning from the Confederacy of Socialist States following the misinformation that the Islamic State was added to their ranks- a fascist, absolutist state that showed clear signs of warmongering in committing Jihad against Zaporizhia. The PSAR believed they could leave the confederacy and improved diplomatic relations with the well known CSS enemy: Solvada. Because of this, however, they became enemies of the Buddhist Communist Party, a well respected member of the CSS. Upon realizing that the Islamic State was never added to the ranks of the CSS, the PSAR attempted to cease Araexit. But at this point, it was too late, as they had questioned the authority of official CSS leadership. This 'stunt' pulled by the PSAR lead to a noble CSS funded coup within the leadership of the PSAR. They have since been reinstated into the CSS now lead by Siddeeqi El Salem.