Jordania is an Arab Communist Nation founded following a dispute between then leader of the PSAR, MicahMrPres and then general of the PSAR, VodkaAlien. It is a small nation consisting of islands and borrows heavily from the architecture from the former PSAR.

History Edit

Following the attempted Araexit and attempted rejoining of the CSS by the former leader of PSAR, he and VodkaAlien had a dispute which led to the first signs of collapse within the PSAR, as VodkaAlien left the PSAR. Jordania then sought re-admittance into the CSS. After the Alliance For Freedom was founded, Jordania agreed the SSR and PGNR were revisionist, warmongering, bourgeoisie scum who needed to be overthrown due to the aggression and exploitation of the communist agenda as well as weak and delusional leadership. Jordania joined their ranks to fight the great evil before them.

Conversion Edit

The people of Jordania soon found new, Minarchist ways and changed from Vanguard Communist to Libertarian. The people all converted from the Hanbali school of thought to the Shafi'i school of thought. They denounced MicahMrPres as a heretic when he claimed to be the 'Second Coming'. The new Libertarian government noted private property, denounced collectivisation as theft, and regarded the majority of taxation as theft and the only ones necessary were for the upkeep of services such as courts and the military.

Membership Edit

VodkaAlien - Leader and minarchist politician. Ex-General of the PSAR.