MicahMrPres is the founder and 1st Chairman of the former People's Socialist Arab Republic, and ali of the People's Revived and Expanded Socialist Arab Republic. He initially was a recruit of the SSR, but was removed early on due to issues with low power. He founded the PSAR in 2AD and soon helped in the formation of the Krakow Pact and thus co-founded the Confederacy of Socialist States, along with the SSR and the Vanguards. He enacted a war against the Islamic State for its claims of an Islamic Caliphate over the Muslim world, including much of the PSAR. In the midst of this war, he was led to believe that ISIS was being offered admittance to the CSS, which would have been a massive dishonor to him and his people. Micah threatened to leave the CSS via Araexit and signed the Mecca Pact with Solvada, but was informed that ISIS was not a prospective member. After Micah attempted to readmit the PSAR to the CSS, the SSR and PGNR declared war on the PSAR. Soon, the SSR and PGNR joined forces with the Islamic State to locate the PSAR's capital. They attacked the capital and dethroned Micah, replacing him with Siddeeqi El Salem. He was believed to have been slain in the coup, and buried somewhere in the desert behind the castle. Siddeeqi El Salem was soon dethroned by a People's Rebellion, and the former PSAR descended into months of internal conflict. Micah, assumed dead in the coup, returned to the former PSAR capitol after months of fighting between rival groups. His return was triumphed among nearly all of the former PSAR, and he formed the People's Revived and Expanded Socialist Arab Republic on December 31st, 3 AD. After being crowned ali, declared a armed struggle against those who enacted and supported the coup that destroyed the PSAR. The fall of the SSR, and the PRESAR's contributions to this, is generally considered a part of this struggle.