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This a place in which the history, events and factions throughout the time Paradigm was up is recorded. Feel free to post your own pages on whatever topics you want.

Hey Retard

A Paradigm ad from mid-April

Server Information Edit

After a much sought-after wait, the server is back up and running again SO COME JOIN!

The server's IP is

The server Discord:

The server Patreon: this is no longer in use, it still exists if you want to check it out.

The Staff of the server were: PianoMan1488 (owner), Bosstasticus (admin), CarChuck (mod), colccolc (mod), and Kansan00 (admin) however colccolc and Kansan00 were temporary and were not in power for the entirety of the server's history

The current staff of the server are: bosstasticus (owner) and HenryPulse (admin). The original staff still occasionally play.

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