The People's Revived and Expanded Socialist Arab Republic, or the PRESAR, is a muslim-plurality Arab state comprised of the former nations of the People's Socialist Arab Republic, as well as the newly incorporated states of Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and parts of Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria, and the Caucus. It is bordered by the Soviet Socialist Republic to the north, Fatimidea to the west, West Side-claimed Sudaethiopia to the south, and the Golden Horde to the east. The PRESAR was a military member of the Alliance for Freedom. At the time of writing, it was third in defense expenditures and first in infrastructure within the AFF.


The PRESAR was reunited on December 31st, 3 AD on People's Day, as MicahMrPres marched into Baghdad after being overthrown in a bloody coup four months earlier. The newly formed PRESAR established a new, stronger central government upon its revival, and vowed vengeance upon ISIS and the Confederation of Socialist States forces that supported the coup that destroyed the PSAR. The PRESAR joined the Alliance For Freedom against the CSS, and took part in military actions against the Soviet Socialist Republic in overthrowing Shipsimfan, the Generalissimo of the SSR that gave the command for the coup.