The People's Socialist Arab Republic, or the PSAR, was a muslim-plurality Arab state comprised of the former nations of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Israel, and parts of the former nations of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey. It was bordered by the Soviet Socialist Republic to the north, Fatimidea to the west, the Royal Saudi Empire and West Side-claimed Sudaethiopia to the south, and the Golden Horde to the east. The PSAR was a military member of the Confederation of Socialist States. At its dissolution, it was third in defense expenditures and first in infrastructure within the CSS. The PSAR is a dead nation, after being disbanded following the People's Rebellion against Siddeeqi El Salem in early 3 AD.


The PSAR was originally founded in early 2 AD by the People's Chairman MicahMrPres as a socialist republic. It remained a mostly isolationist state militarily for the majority of its lifespan. Its only true military event was actions against the group referred to as the Islamic State, or ISIS, in which the PSAR conducted regular airstrikes and raids on ISIS-claimed strongholds. They had attempted to withdraw from the CSS in an event known as Araexit after MicahMrPres was led to believe that ISIS was admitted into the CSS as a new member. In response, the CSS supported efforts by Siddeeqi El Salem, the leader of ISIS, to stage a coup against MicahMrPres and replace him as the new Chairman. During this coup, the bulk of the PSAR's military forces fled to Jordania, led by the General VodkaAlien. After the bloody but successful coup, the PSAR was subsequently re-admitted as a full member into CSS, but quickly disbanded after a people's rebellion against El Salem and the CSS-backed regime, forcing him to flee to ISIS and abandoning the former PSAR. The land formerly claimed by the PSAR was ruled by a number of warring bands vying for control for a number of months, until the People's Chairman MicahMrPres returned in late 3 AD, met by cries of reunification and blood-lust for the CSS. The People's Chairman reunified the PSAR under a new flag as the People's Revived and Expanded Socialist Arab Republic, or PRESAR, on December 31st, 3 AD.