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Fact: Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world


With the beginning of a new server, the Philippines was founded by HumbleHibiscus, widely known as the punisher, -Duterte. The aggressive -Duterte, wanting to wage war on everybody enemied the faction of the first base he came across; Freeland. Although, the Philippines soon joined the ICN, forcing -Duterte to make peace with Freeland. 

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One of many screenshots Kansan sent to his base.

One day, Kansan00 started taking aggressive action towards the Philippines' ally, EastSide, calling it's only member, Xmadx007 a "nigger." A search team was sent out with plenty of Speed II potions, and with the help of Kansan's screenshots of his base, -Duterte discovered Kansan's base, signalled by a tall-standing red and green flag. Kansan quickly fled the server hoping to reduce damage done to him, but his power was already at -50, and so the operation was carried out without Kansan. -Duterte and Xmadx007 started selling Kansan's claimed land, taking his wheat and ores, then dying his sheep blue to assert their political dominance. Wanting to vassalize Kansan, they prepared a cake and waited in his home, for him to log back in. Upon sight, Kansan killed Xmadx007 and -Duterte had no choice but to punish Kansan, killing him and blowing everything up. 

After the attack, -Duterte made peace with Kansan, offering him a stack of iron ingots, coal, and a diamond pickaxe with efficiency IV to get back off the ground. This era of peace however, didn't last long as Kansan abolished his faction, and joined the SSR, enemies to the ICN which the Philippines joined shortly thereafter.

Known InformationEdit

Not much is known about the Philippines, yet the very mention of their most powerful leader, -Duterte strikes fear into the hearts of anybody on the server. Nobody knows his origins, as he's been around since the beginning minutes of the server. For an unknown reason, the Philippines swiftly made an alliance with the populist nation EastSide, their ties possibly going beyond the game. A member of the Coalition Of The Right, -Duterte's exploits have known to destroy nations, and bring victory to all who align with him.