Paradigm Raiding Rules - A Just War Edit

Definition - Memeraiding: Edit

When a player (or players collectively) participate(s) in an attack on another factions territory, mass killing of another factions players, or unreasonable destruction of another factions property, which may have, without a doubt, zero political relevance or excuse associated with the attack(s).

Guidelines: Edit

(these are not necessarily rules, but rather guidelines. If you are being accused of memeraiding, you may present these points to make your case seem more reasonable. The rules surrounding memeraiding are vague, so it's all up to the admin's interpretation of both parties.)

  • Make those factions who you are attacking aware that you are their enemies, and thereafter that you are at war with them. Preferably you should do this 24 hours before an organized raid. (optional)
  • Present a viable and well articulated ideological/political motivation for your faction to declare war on another faction. The more reasons you have, the better your case will look.
  • Present an aggravating event that ought to trigger rightful aggression from yourself. This may be related to a random killing, extreme disrespect of your faction, or plotting and deception.
  • NEVER suggest that your ideological/political motivation is "loot motivated". Every raid is loot motivated. Please look for a viable excuse, otherwise your case will likely be unfavorable.
  • Do not destroy other factions territory or builds to unreasonable extents. Petty griefing is acceptable. Player creations should stay intact, unless there is no other way to access a loot container. Under that circumstance, using explosives to get inside is acceptable.
  • When a war has reached it's logical and obvious conclusion, be modest and let it be done and over with. Wars will last so long as both parties agree. However, admins will intervene and end wars if they become overtly problematic.

If this is confusing, or even if you understand it, PLEASE try to discuss your rightful claims to war with a mod or admin. Particularly CarChuck. They will help guide you along at every step, so you can follow the rules, and everyone can have fun!

Keep in Mind... Edit

We understand the rules regarding raiding are very unorthodox compared to other PvP factions servers, but we beg that you please abide by them the best you can, as players. The less these "rules" are broken, the more lenient admins will be toward enforcing them. We don't want to tempban anyone. That being said, you will eventually face punishments if you do not at least comply reasonably.