"Ad Astra per Aspera!"

Scania is a socially progressive communal democracy, with state-enforced atheism as its national religion. It was founded by Kansan. Any individuals excluding blues, purples, and the religious are welcome to join. It is a Left-Wing faction with its leader trying to make alliances with other like-minded factions such as the Peoples Socialist Arab Republic and the Vanguards. At it's peak, it had around 3 members as well as a Solvadan Spy whom led the CSS and ICN forces to Scania...

Following the Dirty Skirmish, Scania has been refounded and moved to a new base. It was once again dissolved and the Republic of Altai was founded by Kansan in it's place.

Foreign Relations Edit

Scania is either at war with or neutral to most relevant factions on the server.