VodkaAlien is former general of the PSAR whom fled after disagreements with Micah and the immaturity by him in the Araexit situation. He fled to a small series of Island nations which he called Jordania and set up a series of Minarchist city states.

History Edit

VodkaAlien hails from what was Jordan and quickly found himself in the ranks of the SSR following his Communist beliefs and the beliefs of those around him. Following the actions of BigBuilderMcGee committing Arson against the faction, VodkaAlien saw weak security and left to the join the PSAR after meeting MicahMrPres. There he stayed for years and rose to the rank of General before fleeing after the Araexit situation to found Jordania- a series of city states located on different islands. After the construction of the fort began and news of the 'Second Coming' came to them, VodkaAlien denounced MicahMrPres as a heretic and the island converted to the Shafi'i school of thought and was reborn with new, minarchist values.